Spatmat Groupe

Spatmat is a French company working in the field of construction machinery , in particular, its delivery, sale and rent, and also spare parts sale.
Spatmat’s advantage over its competitors are both a high efficiency factor and its manufacture quality. toughness and reliability

Scope of Project

Branding and Identity Design – Web Design and Development  – Marketing Brochures – Posters


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The New Logo

when Working on this logo the goal was to breathe new life into the brand and to make it recognizable on the European market.
The concept behind our identity is divided in two parts: icon and word mark.
a Minimalistic icon based on initial letter “S” Shaped as a cube to represent the following Keywords : Strong , Safe ,professional, Modern.
The idea here is to transmit the essence of construction and machinery Industry with an iconic, clean and strong concept. Paired with clear modern font, this logo left both me and client happy with the outcome.

Spatmat's Products

Spatmat has a wide range of products from Compaction Equipments ,Energy /power generators to Handling Equipments. so we created a logo and icon to represent  each product.

Print and digital collateral

In addition to the brand’s identity system, the partnership between me and Spatmat resulted in a new website, Brochures, Posters, as well as other printed and digital collateral.


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